Because 1986 Was A Happening Year....

Say What? When?? Where???

27 December
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"Okay. I was never much of a fangirl about anything until my friend April introduced me to J-pop,J-Dramas, and pretty much all the goodness of cheese-tastic Japanese boy bands. It now consumes my brain at all times. It didn't hit me when I was 13 but now at 24 I'm catching up on what I missed out on. I spend the majority of my fangirl time flailing over KAT-TUN and NEWS. Usually in that order. I do like a couple of K-Pop bands. BIG BANG and 2NE1. " "Outside of fandom I am a full-time student, part-time retail whore, and usually spaced out 100% of the time. What can I say. I'm a dreamer. I just began my final year at my local community college and will be applying to University this fall with a planned major in Asian Studies. I love reading and have picked up at least 1 book from almost every genre. Music is my life. I listen to just about everything from, well Arashi/J-Pop to the emo-cries of A.F.I. I like to think I have a pretty clear head on my shoulders and can keep and good perspective. I love being a Geek. I wave my Geek Flag high and proud. Random, have I mentioned I can be quite random. " "I fail pretty hardcore at almost everything I try.

List of failz I have:
- Spelling
- Typing
- Basic socialization
- speaking coherent sentences
... you really don't want me to continue this list..."

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